Friday, 30 August 2013

Water Sports Activty

Nusa Dua, Bali Water Sports Activities

Your Bali Holiday Packages is not complete yet, without going to the beach of Tanjung (Nusa Dua). Beach area with the best reputation, to do any kind of water sports in Bali. Playing on the water will feel much better, because we can steer ourselves as we's probably the right word,....the adventure for water lovers. There are many water sports activities, and its packages such as:

     Snorkelling(Code: S K - 1)
Snorkelling Water Sports Bali Tours Packages
is one of the water sports activities that very well liked by all tourists, both Domestic tourists or Foreign tourists, especially for those who loves marines life by doing snorkelling, and swimming for about one hour on the beach of Nusa Dua, nice beaches and very famous for the water sports attraction, with its nice and clean water.

     Parasailing(Code: P S - 1)
Parasailing Water Sports Bali Tours Packages
were also conducted on the beach of Tanjung (Nusa Dua). The activities which is more prioritize into the wind gusts, by using a large parachute and pulled by an engine boat then fly up, so they can see all the beautiful scenery, surrounding the areas off the coast from above. Strong wind usually blows start from 9 to 12 o'clock midday.  

        Jet Skiing(Code: J S - 1)
Jet Ski Water Sports Bali Tours Packages
still on the beach of Tanjung (Nusa Dua), this activities is more focusing concentration while driving jet ski motor vehicle, with using a life jackets, and capacity only two people on it. Driving a jet ski usually during within 15 minutes. So...just to remind it again !!! for jet ski water activities, concentration control is a must !!!.

    Water Skiing(Code: W S - 1)
Water Skiing Water Sports Bali Tours Packages
water skiing activities is strongly in maintaining the balance of concentration, such as surfing on the beach. But in water skiing is different, because pulled by a machine boat, with a fairly high speed, so self balance always should be maintained. And only for those who have had an experience before, will do the water skiing.

     Flying  Fish(Code: F F - 1)
Fly Fish Water Sports Bali Tours Packages
such as other water activities, for water sports flying fish also pulled by an engine boat, and the players with supine position lay down on the fly fish boat. So it feels like sleep swinging, and flying, when pulled by machine boat . Also the maximum capacity only for 2 players, and controlled by one instructor.

  Banana  Boat(Code: B B - 1)
Banana Boats Water Sports Bali Tours Packages
the other activities that provided, is banana boat also very popular for tourists, while doing water sports. And these activities so attractive, because banana boat will pulled by an engine boat with a fairly high speed, and with total passengers capacity 5 people. When pulled by machine boat, we will sit jump around.

  Turtle Island(Code: T I - 1)
Turtle Island Water Sports Bali Tours Packages
for this activity will go to the turtle island, located in Sanur area, by using a machine boat then travel about 40 minutes. And there will be able to see numerous turtles. All kind of sea turtles in Bali very protected by Law and Goverment. To all tourists, they can also do natural interaction with all kind of cute turtles.

So ... all the water sports activities, can be played and enjoyed in Tanjung (Nusa Dua), one of the most popular and best beaches as a gateway for all kinds of water sports activities in Bali.

And also get the special Water Sport Packages such as:

Packages AParasailing + Banana Boat + Jet Ski + Return Transport
Packages BGlass Bottom Boat + Snorkelling + Turtle Island + Return Transport
Packages CParasailing + Banana Boat + Jet Ski + 1x Dive at Nusa Dua + Return Transport
Note: Packages A, B, C minimum 2 persons